Friends of Crummell School

About Us


The mission of Friends of Crummell School is to achieve the restoration and reuse of the historic Alexander Crummell School, the heart of the Ivy City community, in a manner that serves, protects and uplifts area residents and their environment.

Members of Friends of Crummell School include area residents, Crummell alumni, clergy, advocates, historic preservation professionals, architects, planners and community development experts.


These principles must guide the development and use of the historic Crummell School and its lot:
  • A historic landmark, the Alexander Crummell School must be restored in a manner that protects and preserves its integrity, both in structure and use/access for the community

  • A public property, the Crummell School must not be sold or privatized, but must be maintained by and for the public for current and future generations

  • Development on the site of the Crummell School must protect health and the environment and should include green elements that improve, not further degrade, Ivy City’s air and environmental quality

  • Residents of Ivy City and alumni of Crummell School must lead the design, management and decision making affecting the school and its site

  • Employment opportunities that result from the renovation, development or operation of the site must prioritize the hiring of local residents, and must make special efforts to make these opportunities known to the community

  • The renovated Crummell School building must include opportunities for community use such as meeting spaces, house programs that serve the community especially its youth, and must include a space for information about the history of the community and school

  • The development of additional structures on the site of the Crummell School must be done in keeping with an overall plan that preserves public ownership, access and green space

  • A portion of revenue generated from development on the site must be deposited into a trust for the management and maintenance of the Crummell School for public use


In addition to Ivy City residents and Alexander Crummell School alumni, the member organizations of Friends of Crummell School include:

For more information or to get involved contact:

Parisa Norouzi
Empower DC
(202) 234-9119 x 100